About Us

We create these experiences for people to share

About Us

  • Escape The Routine was founded in 2015 as an event production company in San Francisco, CA. Since our inception the most central mission has always been around creating an atmosphere for people to experience new things and forget about their day to day… routine. Meeting new friends, discovering great artists, and enjoying life is the reason we create these experiences for people to share.

    Throughout the journey since 2015 we’ve had the opportunity to create public facing themed parties, concerts, and festivals. We’ve traveled the world managing concert tours and designing shows. Most recently we’ve had the pleasure to expand our private event client base to build memorable experiences for some of the top brands in the country to connect their community.

    Our Values

  • Fun

    We are not lawyers. We are in the business of fun. Our top priority is making this an easy seamless and fun process from booking through the event.

  • Funky

    We search for the funky. This means we want you to experience something unpredictable that adds to the experience. We stand by all our entertainment and experiences. These are events we created because we would go to them and feel excited about inviting our friends and family to join us.

  • Professional

    You came to us to get a job done. At the end of the day we are here to make sure the ducks are in a row and that each touch point is thought about so you don’t have to worry about it.

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  • How much do you charge?

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  • How are event supplies being shipped?

    Your event producer will provide a CSV template for you to upload attendee addresses. We will need all addresses two weeks in advance. We will track your packages along the way and proactively work with you to make sure shipments do not slip through the cracks.

  • Can you ship internationally?

    We can arrange delivery worldwide for all events that don't require alcohol or food. We can either ship our kits from the US at shipping costs or when possible we will find a local vendor partner on the ground that can deliver the kit.

  • What platform do you host events on?


  • Who creates the Zoom links?

    We prefer to create the meeting links but can join yours if needed for certain events.

  • Do you charge per person?

    Event pricing varies. For events that don't require us to ship supplies, we do tiered pricing for group ranges. If we are shipping supplies we charge per person.

  • What is the lead time to book an event?

    We need addresses two weeks in advance for any session that requires shipping supplies. All other lead time varies based on artists availability.

  • What steps are required from you to ensure a successful event?

    - Send out invites with ample time for your guests to block off time
    - Utilize our media kits to get people excited about the upcoming experience or have us create an RSVP page for you
    - Make sure your guests know any key deadlines for submitting addresses
    - Remind your guests two days in advance when the event is coming up
    - On the day of the event: enjoy yourself! :)